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Digital Innovation: A Key Driver for Sustainable Progress

Riyad Neman Darwazeh
Accounting Department
Tamara M. Rasheed Al-Qaruty
Business Administration
Ahmad Yousef Areiqat
Business Administration, Al-Ahliyya Amman University. 19328, Amman, Jordan
Keywords: Digital Innovation, Sustainable Development, Resource Optimization, Economic Resilience, Ethical Innovation.


Digital innovation holds the power to transform businesses and propel sustainable development. It does so by streamlining resource usage, bolstering economic stability, and strengthening risk management. Companies must craft clear digital strategies and invest in robust digital infrastructures to harness these benefits. This addresses current challenges and paves the way for transformative change. Policymakers play a pivotal role in this ecosystem by creating supportive policies, fostering an environment for knowledge exchange, and setting standards for ethical innovation. It is a collaborative journey – businesses, policymakers, and stakeholders must join hands to navigate towards a sustainable future, with digital innovation as their compass.

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