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Electric Power Company Data Analysis as an Integrated Sap Erp Tool in Peru

María Elena Tasa Catanzaro
Universidad Tecnológica del Perú
Fredi Gutiérrez Martínez
Universidad Peruana Los Andes
Rafael Wilfredo Rojas Bujaico
Universidad Nacional de Huancavelica
John Fredy Rojas Bujaico
Universidad Nacional de Huncavelica
Héctor Huamán Samaniego
Universidad Nacional del Centro del Perú
Saúl Ernesto Arauco Esquivel
Universidad Nacional del Centro del Perú
Keywords: Statistics, Information Management, Markets..


The main objective of data management and analysis in a company is to manage data in an orderly, strategically organized way to know the movement of markets, as well as the preferences of the public. Let's remember that the main business goal is to have agile customers, who are attracted by the products and services developed for them. It is for this reason that data management and analysis will be essential to creating and promoting new products and services. In addition to complying within your processes with regulations that protect customer data and privacy, using fraud detection and prevention methods. Security incidents in an organization are considered the main source to evaluate the correct application of security controls and are based on the international standards ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002. It is important to note the parts that are intertwined in this basic process in an organization that wants to occupy an important space within the competitive markets. The security within the data analysis allows to establish of the constant monitoring and supervision of the application of the controls to guarantee the continuity of the services and processes.

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