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ISSN: 2051-4883 | e-ISSN: 2051-4891

The Mental Engineering of the Arab Child in Animated Films: (Anime as an Example)

Dr: Amine Al-Mir
Jinan University, College of media, Department of Radio and Television,
Karar Sabah Al Khafaji
Jinan University, College of media, Department of Radio and Television
Keywords: mind engineering, child, child behavior, anime, manga.


The subject of this study revolves around the mental engineering of the Arab child through animated films (anime as a model). The anime sample of the study is (Dragon Ball Super), which is shown on the Space Toon channel to identify the contents and values it carries. The study’s questions were the following:

1- What are the artistic elements that were used in the anime (Dragon Ball Super)?

2- What are the characteristics and appearances of the main characters in the anime (Dragon Ball Super)?

3- What are the themes of conflict that the anime (Dragon Ball Super) contains?

4- What are the values and contents of the anime (Dragon Ball Super)?

5- What are the forms and tools of violence included in the anime (Dragon Ball Super)?

The descriptive approach was used in this study by relying on a content analysis form (categories of form and content) for a number of episodes (65 episodes) out of a total of 130 episodes, and by selecting a regular random sample. The results of the study are as follows:

  • The high level of loud music and hot colors that are associated with scenes of violence work to attract and hold the child’s attention
  • The increase in the number of scenes of violence, whether physical, verbal or symbolic violence, as well as the increase in the number of scenes of fighting, destruction, fear and screaming, has a significant negative impact on the child and may help the child acquire aggressive behavior through observation, learning and then imitation of scenes of violence and fighting in addition to the negative impact. Verbal violence through cursing and offensive words that may affect the child’s linguistic storage
  • The sounds of screaming and pain are the result of fear or preparation for destruction
  • The Dragon Ball Super anime carries many positive, purposeful values that are consistent with the values in our Arab societies (such as courage, friendship, cooperation, loyalty, etc.)
  • The Dragon Ball Super anime includes many negative values that are not appropriate for the proper upbringing of our children (such as injustice, deception and trickery, lying and theft, excess of food and drink, insult, espionage, treachery) and the claim of some characters to possess the quality of divinity, immortality and the ability to revive the dead.
  • The emergence of many tools that indicate violence, such as hitting with weapons and kicking with the hand and foot
  • The emergence of many behavioral manifestations and psychological implications that have a negative impact on the child, such as killing, intimidation, screaming, and instilling fear.
  • The emergence of many advertisements that are shown during the episode through promoting them and urging children to acquire small figures and dolls of the main characters in various fighting games and entertainment games and promoting the acquisition of costumes and clothing for the characters they love.
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