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ISSN: 2051-4883 | e-ISSN: 2051-4891

Phrases of Submission in the Texts of Neo-assyrian Period (911-612 B.c)

Su'ad A'ed Mohammed Saeed
University of Mosul - College of achaeology- Department of Archaeology
Shaymaa Ali Ahmed
University of Mosul - College of achaeology- Department of Iraqi Ancient Languages
Keywords: submission, prostration, bowing, trampling, kneeling, worship.


Expressions of submission in various Assyrian texts from the Neo-Assyrian period (911-612 BC) were diverse. Assyrian texts, despite their varied content, constituted important evidence that provided us with valuable information about these expressions. Religious texts served as a significant source for elucidating religious submission to the gods, while administrative messages and annals included economic submission through tributes. Administrative submission to the gods or the king, as well as political submission of cities under the control of the Assyrian Empire, were also evident. Expressions of submission in Neo-Assyrian texts took two forms: genuine submission and metaphorical submission.

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