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ISSN: 2051-4883 | e-ISSN: 2051-4891

The Role of Electronic Human Resources Management (E-HRM) in Achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage: An Exploratory Research for the Opinions of A Sample of Employees in Asiacell Mobile Communications Company in Iraq

Hussein Abduljbbar Najm
Ministry of Education / Minister's Office, Department of Total Quality Management and Institutional Development
Keywords: Electronic Human Resources Management (e-HRM), sustainable competitive, competitive advantage, organizations..


Human resources were and still are a major focal point for organizations and their importance has increased within the framework of industries based on electronic knowledge, where the success of organizations depends largely on the level of technology and electronic systems that they adopt, which in turn contribute to supporting human resources by completing their electronic functions such as electronic recruitment, e-training and other human resources management functions, where electronic human resources management E-HRM links its functions via international networks (Internet) and other technological means that represent A key factor to achieve strategic leadership for organizations and thus contribute to achieving competitive advantages, which are reflected in business results. The research aims to find out the extent to which the research organization adopts the dimensions of e-HRM as a modern administrative trend. Providing a practical framework for the nature of the correlation and impact relations between the two variables of the study (e-HRM and sustainable competitive advantage). The research also made several recommendations that would prepare the research organization to achieve a competitive advantage.

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