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The term is nothing according to Imam Al-Dar Qutni, an applied study

Zahraa Ahmad Hussein
University of Baghdad, College of Islamic Sciences
Waed Allah Eaziz Maeruf
Sunni Endowment Office
Hawraa Ali Majeed Rashid Al Khazraji
College of Islamic Sciences, University of Baghdad
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Is not a thing: from the third rank of the censure ranks when (Imam golden, Iraqi, and Sakhawi, and Suyuti) ([i]) (and say the people of hadith in the narrator Is not a thing is on the way to exaggeration in slander, so described as non-existent, as if described so because it does not benefit from his narrations, the appearance of this word feels weakened on what went to him more modernists, but some critics use this term often in the severe censure of the narrators, it has the text (Sakhawi) ([ii]) (and Suyuti) ([iii]) (However, the word Is not a thing or his speech is not one of the words of severe censure, whose speech is not written and is not considered to be in it)([iv])  (Rather, it is in the rank of those in whom it is said: the return of the hadith, is not worth anything, and it is the rank of the one whose hadith is not accepted in any case).([v]) 


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