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ISSN: 2051-4883 | e-ISSN: 2051-4891

William Du Bois Position on the Great Depression and His Adop-tion of Socialist Ide-as (1935-1929)

Aseel Abad Alsattar Hachem
Baghdad University - Faculty of Education Ibn Rushd for Human Sciences – History Department
Ayat Fawzi Gudaeb
Keywords: economic crisis, Soviet Union, United States of America, Marxism, Socialism.


African Americans in the United States of America suffered from the effects of the economic crisis that negatively affected all groups of the American people, but William Du Bois saw that his people were the most affected, and discussed that issue from another angle that most of those interested in this matter did not pay attention to at the time. He linked the persecution of African Americans and suffering at all social and economic levels to the economic crisis that ravaged the country. On the basis of that, he found that socialism is the radical solution to that problem and demanded that African Americans adopt its ideas and promote them, taking the Soviet model as a good example that can be followed according to Marxist principles to save African Americans from the economic crisis.

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