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A Linguistic Study of Metaphorical Expressions in Political Interviews

Abdulkareem Fadhil Jamil
University of Baghdad-College of Education. for Human Sciences
Keywords: Political Discourse, Discourse, Persuation, Metaphor Vehicle..


In recent years, the linguo-philosophical studies of metaphor have tended to define metaphor as an interaction of the object, that is the referent of conceptualization and some features that are associated with sensual manner realities, whose name is used when resolving the conceptual problem-nominative situation, namely the situation of the formation of a new concept and its verbalization. The objective of this term paper lies in the phenomenon of metaphors used in modern political discourse. In our understanding a metaphor is not only of a linguistic nature, but also political. This paper approaches the subject of conceptual metaphor and political argumentation through the prism of synergies of the political topic, affirmative or negative communication of main ideas related to the topic, the use of conceptual metaphor as a persuasive rhetorical strategy and the type of argumentative claim .The aim (purpose) of this study is to investigate metaphor used in modern political discourse in the English language, proceeding from the cognitive point of view. It is expected to review existing definitions of metaphor in literature;to describe the functions and structural characteristics of metaphors in language ; to choose the usage examples of metaphors in English political discourse and to conduct their analysis; to identify the main characteristics of political discourse; to identify the main functions of metaphor not only politically, but also linguistically.mind of the reader.

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