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ISSN: 2051-4883 | e-ISSN: 2051-4891

Financial Technology Adoption and its Impact on Rural Development in Jordan: A Performance Evaluation

Anas Ahmad Bani Atta
Assistant Professor, Financial and Accounting Sciences Department, Faculty of Business. Middle East University, Jordan, Applied Science Research Center. Applied Science Private University. Amman, Jordan
Keywords: Jordan, Fintech, Rural Development, Adoption, Performance..


The present study endeavors to assess the efficacy and ramifications of fintech assimilation on the advancement of rural areas in Jordan. The field of financial technology, commonly referred to as fintech, has the capacity to fundamentally transform the landscape of financial services by offering novel approaches to conventional banking obstacles. Notwithstanding its adoption, the impact of this phenomenon on rural communities, particularly in developing nations such as Jordan, necessitates additional scrutiny. The present study aims to investigate the impact of fintech adoption on rural development in Jordan, with a specific focus on economic growth, financial inclusion, and access to financial services. The results of this study will yield valuable insights into the efficacy of financial technology (fintech) initiatives and furnish pertinent recommendations to policymakers and stakeholders on how to optimize the advantages of fintech in rural regions.

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