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Most viewed articles in Kurdish Studies (2017)

  • The displacement of the Yezidis after the rise of ISIS in Northern Iraq by Irene Dulz
  • The Ideological Transformation of the PKK regarding the Political Economy of the Kurdish Region in Turkey by Gullistan Yarkin
  • Women’s activism in Iraqi Kurdistan: Achievements, shortcomings and obstacles by Choman Hardi
  • Islamic revivalism and Kurdish nationalism in Sheikh Ubeydullah’s poetic oeuvre by Kamal Soleimani
  • Transformations in the Yezidi tradition after the ISIS attacks. An interview with Ilhan Kizilhan by Khanna Omarkhali
  • The Kurds in the changing political map of the Middle East by Michael M Gunter
  • Review: Islam and politics in Iranian Kurdistan at a time of revolution: the life of Ahmad Moftizadeh by Martin van Bruinessen
  • A spatial perspective on political group formation in Turkey after the 1971 coup: The Kurdistan Workers Party of Turkey (PKK) by Joost Jongerden
  • Radical political participation and the internal Kurdish diaspora in Turkey by Francis O’Connor
  • Kurds in the USSR, 1917-1956 by Jonathan Otto Pohl