Features of the Strain Field and Three-Dimensional Crystal Deformations Limited by High-Resolution Grace and GPS Data


  • Cui Jinye Assistant Professor, Department of Resources and Mechanical Engineering, Lvliang University, Shanxi, China


Strain Field, Crystal Deformations, High-Resolution, Grace and GPS Data


The study investigates strain fields and three-dimensional crystal deformations using high-resolution GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) and GPS (Global Positioning System) data. These deformations are pivotal in understanding geological processes, and our research capitalizes on the precision and resolution of GRACE and GPS data to comprehensively analyse them. The literature review underscores the critical role of crystal deformations and highlights the limited availability of detailed three-dimensional strain field investigations. We emphasize the innovative potential of integrating GRACE and GPS data for such analysis. Our methodology section provides a thorough account of data acquisition and pre-processing steps, including quality control, and outlines the analytical techniques used to derive strain field information. In the results section, we unveil intricate three-dimensional strain patterns, shedding light on both regional and local deformation features. Our data visualizations reveal previously undiscovered strain anomalies, significantly advancing our understanding of crystal deformations. These findings underscore the paramount importance of the GRACE and GPS data integration for studying strain fields at a granular level. In the discussion, we interpret the results within the context of our research objectives and discuss their profound implications for geodetic and crystallographic research. We transparently acknowledge the limitations associated with data and methodology while proposing promising avenues for future research. In conclusion, this study exemplifies the potential of high-resolution GRACE and GPS data in elucidating strain fields and three-dimensional crystal deformations. Our findings yield valuable insights into geological processes, contributing significantly to the fields of crystallography and geodesy. This research represents a substantial step towards a comprehensive grasp of the dynamic forces shaping the Earth's crust.




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