Exploring the New Era of Dentistry: Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Dental Diagnosis


  • Giovanna Gutiérrez-Gayoso Universidad Andina del Cusco, Department of Stomatology. Cusco, Peru
  • Heinrich Jhased Morales Tecsi
  • Brigitte Melani Ttito Fernandez
  • Ayrton Vladimir Loaiza Chavez
  • Annushka Malpartida-Caviedes
  • Oscar Daniel Escobar Zabala Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo, Faculty of Health Sciences. Riobamba, Ecuador,


Artificial intelligence; Oral diagnosis; Dentistry; Dental technology; Technology and innovation in health.


This manuscript aims to analyse the impact of AI in stomatological diagnosis. A review of the existing literature on the use of AI in dentistry was conducted, specific tables were created for key categories by organising data in spreadsheets, and the results show the predominance of the successful application of AI in the analysis and diagnosis of radiographic images, concluding that oral and maxillofacial radiology in dentistry has been significantly influenced by AI, particularly CNNs. The article describes a future in which dentistry and AI will completely redefine oral health.




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Giovanna Gutiérrez-Gayoso, Heinrich Jhased Morales Tecsi, Brigitte Melani Ttito Fernandez, Ayrton Vladimir Loaiza Chavez, Annushka Malpartida-Caviedes, & Oscar Daniel Escobar Zabala. (2024). Exploring the New Era of Dentistry: Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Dental Diagnosis. Kurdish Studies, 12(2), 4240–4250. Retrieved from https://kurdishstudies.net/menu-script/index.php/KS/article/view/2535

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