Smart Textiles for Sustainable Fashion: Integrating Technology and Eco-Friendly Materials


  • S.M.Shatarah Home Economic Department, College of Science and Arts, King Khalid University, Mahayel Asir,Saudi Arabia Kingdom


Sustainable fashion, Smart textiles, Eco-conscious materials, Resource-Intensive Production, Eco-Friendly Materials


For decades, the fashion world has been plagued by a multitude of environmental and ethical issues. From resource-intensive production processes to the reckless disposal of garments, the industry has left an indelible mark on the planet. The concept of "smart textiles" has emerged as a beacon of hope and innovation within the realm of sustainable fashion. This research article embarks on a comprehensive exploration of the dynamic intersection between technology and eco-conscious materials within the sustainable fashion landscape. The research will adopt a mixed-method approach and conduct interview along with literature review analysis and case studies. Through an exhaustive literature review, it became abundantly clear that the fashion industry has long grappled with its environmental and ethical challenges. The case studies examined in this research brought forth compelling evidence of the environmental benefits, technological marvels, challenges, and opportunities that smart textiles entail. The insights garnered from expert interviews underscored the urgency of embracing sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Consumer demand for ethical and sustainable fashion is growing, and the integration of smart textiles aligns with these evolving preferences. In closing, this research serves as a testament to the potential of smart textiles in fashion—an industry poised for positive change.




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