"Unveiling Culinary Heritage: The Fusion Of Time-Honored Practices And Rituals In The Crafting Of Maguindanaon Indigenous Delicacies"


  • Almira B. Menson
  • Naima G. Pendi




Maguindanaon, Native Delicacies, Culinary Heritage, Traditional Practices. Indigenous Gastronomy


Maguindanaon cuisine stands as a profound testament to the beliefs and cultural legacy of its people, deeply entrenched in the principles of Islam. Rooted in the ancestral traditions of the Maguindanaon tribe, the meticulous practices of food preparation resonate with their Islamic faith. Traditional Maguindanaon dishes are crafted with adherence to rituals intertwined with religiosity.

This study employs a qualitative descriptive-developmental design, utilizing in-depth interviews with ten esteemed culture bearers. Through open-ended questions, participants share insights into the rituals and traditional practices involved in preparing Maguindanaon native delicacies. Transcribed interviews undergo meticulous data analysis.

Maguindanaon traditional delicacies, once prevalent in the historical narrative of Maguindanao, have weathered generations. Esteemed for exceptional nutritional value and adherence to Halal considerations, these dishes remain integral to the Maguindanaon cultural tapestry. However, the march of modernization and evolving culinary practices has marginalized these time-honored treasures.

Despite their historical significance, traditional delicacies face challenges in integration into modern lifestyles. Anthropological data suggests that dishes prepared with a touch of tradition may offer superior health benefits. Preserving and incorporating these culinary traditions into contemporary society remains an ongoing struggle, as Maguindanaon delicacies represent not only a rich gastronomic heritage but also a potential source of enhanced well-being.

Author Biographies

Almira B. Menson

Mindanao State University – Maguindanao, Philippines

Naima G. Pendi

Mindanao State University – Maguindanao, Philippines




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Almira B. Menson, & Naima G. Pendi. (2024). "Unveiling Culinary Heritage: The Fusion Of Time-Honored Practices And Rituals In The Crafting Of Maguindanaon Indigenous Delicacies". Kurdish Studies, 12(2), 6901–6908. https://doi.org/10.53555/ks.v12i2.2508