Millennial College Students’ Job Satisfaction in China: How Southern Jiangsu Province Tackling it?


  • Shi Hong Zhen Wuxi Institute of Technology, No.1600, Gaolang West Road, Binhu District, Wuxi, China
  • Jacquline Tham Post Graduate Centre,
  • Ali Khatibi Management and Science University
  • S. M. Ferdous Azam University Drive, Off Persiaran Olahraga, Section 13, 40100, Selangor, Malaysia


Job satisfaction, Millennial college students, Southern Jiangsu Province, Employment conflicts, Regional factors


The pursuit of job satisfaction among millennial college students in Southern Jiangsu Province is a critical concern impacting their holistic well-being and societal contribution. In recent years, the phenomenon of employment for college graduates has been marked by challenges including job scarcity, heightened competition, evolving job requirements, and the emergence of new occupations. Despite concerted efforts, statistics reveal a concerning trend of diminishing job satisfaction among college students since 2018, accompanied by escalating unemployment rates and a tendency towards frequent job changes. This trend underscores the urgent need to address mounting employment conflicts. In the contemporary era, millennial college students play an important role in the realms of education and employment, prompting increased scholarly interest and institutional focus on understanding and improving their employment prospects. However, existing literature predominantly focuses on national or institutional-level surveys, often overlooking regional peculiarities and the unique characteristics of the millennial cohort. Addressing these gaps, this study employs an observational approach to examine the factors influencing job satisfaction among millennial college students specifically in Southern Jiangsu Province. Drawing on a combination of literature analysis and questionnaire surveys, this study seeks to formulate hypotheses and verify the determinants of job satisfaction tailored to this demographic. By illuminating the intricate interplay of factors shaping job satisfaction, the research aims to provide actionable insights for governmental agencies, enterprises, and students alike. Ultimately, the study endeavors to inform targeted interventions and policy measures aimed at enhancing the employment experience and overall well-being of millennial college students in Southern Jiangsu Province.




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Shi Hong Zhen, Jacquline Tham, Ali Khatibi, & S. M. Ferdous Azam. (2024). Millennial College Students’ Job Satisfaction in China: How Southern Jiangsu Province Tackling it?. Kurdish Studies, 12(2), 3322–3337. Retrieved from

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