Philosophy as a Means to Reach the Peace among the Later Stoics


  • Refka Raad Khalil Aliraqia University, College of Arts, Department of History, Iraq
  • Safa Essam Jassim Aliraqia University, College of Arts, Department of History, Iraq


philosophizing, children, Stoics, Marcus, Seneca


Can we really philosophize? Some say that we do not need more than a book on the history of philosophy to begin deep philosophizing, while others consider that man is a philosophizing being, and children’s questions are only an example of our innate philosophizing. Philosophy is not a subject that we read and then think about, but rather a rediscovery of the substance that already exists in our minds, everything a person does is a process of rediscovering everything that already exists in this strange world. Where does a child produce the question, “Who am I?” This is the beginning with which we penetrate being and meet the ego face to face, the moment that reveals to us the depth of philosophy, with the same depth into which we must dive in order to discover who we are. Philosophy is not the experiences and opinions of others, it is not theories that need to be transformed into reality, it is much more than that. It is the third layer of existence to which a person descends to his essence and does not remain on the surface living as others live. The philosophizing person does not ask: What will I eat today? He just says how should I live? He does not ask what I will do today? Rather, he asks: What is the purpose of my existence?. The study is based on the hypothesis of the utmost importance of learning philosophy among the Stoic philosophers, and their great contribution in using philosophizing to reach concepts that humans find almost impossible, such as peace, happiness, tolerance, and wisdom. What tools their philosophy can provide to escape a life of misery and unhappiness, philosophy does not represent a history of useless theories and theories, rather, it is a complete way of life, the basis of which is happiness, tranquility, and wisdom, it is enough to understand ourselves through it in order to realize the game of the world. Saeed Nashid says, “Relying on philosophers may not be enough, but dispensing with them greatly weakens us.” "The ability to deal with and understand life. Philosophy is our guide to the works of thought and to a deep understanding of the human soul."




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