Exploring the Perceptions of Iraqi College Instructors of Bilingual Environments


  • Asst. Inst. Samer Younis Abdullah Aliraqia University, College of Arts, Department of English, Iraq,


Exploring, Perceptions, College Instructors, Bilingual Environments.


It can be seen that making a little research about the countries of the world will show that there are many diverse languages. In these countries, there will be people who use these languages with their different accents and dialects. Also, in many countries, it can be seen that many people are able to speak with different languages that they use to communicate with each other and to express themselves to the other people. Having this ability is seen as something common in many countries. Such thing shows the importance of being a bilingual or even a multilingual person. Getting the ability to speak multiple languages from birth is something that can be achieved if the person was immersed in a family environment that is considered multilingual. Moreover, being immersed in a bilingual or a multilingual educational environment helps in making the person becomes a bilingual or a multilingual. For these matters, this study tries to give a brief discussion about the matter of bilingualism and multilingualism. In addition, this study tries to give some information about the role of bilingual family environments and the importance of bilingual educational environments on the development of the languages of the person. As well, this study tries to collect information from Iraqi college instructors to show the status of bilingual environments in local contexts. The results of the study that were obtained from the questionnaire showed that the perceptions of the instructors revealed that there are variations and uncertainty concerning the bilingual family environments and the bilingual educational environments in Iraq. These local bilingual environments are still in the early phases. Although, there are readiness from the families and the educational institutions, much is still required to be done to support bilingual family environments and bilingual educational environments in Iraq. As a result, it remains essential to increase the background knowledge of the Iraqi college instructors by establishing workshops to discuss such matters. Such workshops can give them insights that they can carry and use when they try to teach their students.




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