Linguistic Analysis of the Significance of Colors in 2014 Iraqi Elections Logos


  • Hiba Dhafer Abdulkader Algurjia Al-Iraqia University, College of Arts, Translation Department, Iraq


Colors, color’s Associations, Sacred Colors, Marketing, Positive meaning and Negative meaning.


Color means many different things to different people and cultures. We all have our own favorite colors. People like different colors like they like different foods. Color also represents feelings, people, countries, cultures, and color symbolism. It has been proven scientifically, especially in the field of psychology, that colors do have a considerable effect on people since each color represents some kind of emotion, tendency or even concepts people unconsciously associate with it. Having realized that, many businesses started spending huge amounts of money [1]to make sure that they are introduced in the best way they could to the consumers. This is basically achieved by the logos these businesses are known by. Everything associated with the logo plays a significant role in "selling" the acceptability of the business to the public. One of the main players in this process is the colors factor.Having proven its effectiveness, the color factor's use has been extended to many different domains. One of which is the elections logos.  Logos are that first handshake with a voter. They provide an initial touch point, so they should express exactly what the candidate wants to be seen as, whether that's reliable, loyal, honest or perhaps 'maverick'. This study aims at analyzing the logos used in the latest Iraqi elections by different campaigns and bodies. The main focus of this study is to establish whether the colors used in these logos do actually complement the meaning intended by the other elements used in it. In order to arrive at such a conclusion, a general introduction is given over colors, their signification in psychology, their effects in marketing and what different colors represent in different cultures. These accounts are provided to draw a full colorful picture for the reader on the significance of colors. Finally, the researcher conducts a practical analysis on four logos used in the elections and states the conclusions derived from the analysis.






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