Binary Oppositions in Ghazi Algosaibi’s from the Orient and the Desert


  • Alanoud Abdulaziz Alghanem Department of English Literature at the College of Languages, Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Saudi Literature, Ghazi Algosaibi, binary oppositions, Orientalism, Occidentalism, East, West, Desert


Few academic studies in English have been carried out to explore the literary works of the Saudi writers in general and the prominent literary figure Ghazi Abdulrahman Algosaibi in particular. Given the significance and popularity of Algosaibi’s figure and works in Saudi Arabia, this paper examines his poetry collection titled From the Orient and the Desert (1977). As the only literary work that was written mainly in English, this is an ideal starting point to attempt to introduce his works to a global audience, thereby popularizing the Saudi culture as he conceived it. Through a comprehensive thematic and structural analysis, the present article will show how Algosaibi’s poems explore binary oppositions between the Orient where he comes from and the Occident which he encounters during his stay abroad. Moreover, the article will also highlight the amalgamation of romantic heritage and the modernist traits in his poetry. The study will conclude by proving the symbolic significance of the Orient desert as a source of peace and security serving as a protective mother to its inhabitants in contrast to the sense of alienation evoked by the Western cities.




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