Television Reporting Model Against Islamic Organizations in Indonesia


  • Puji Santoso Communication Studies, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara, Indonesia,


Reporting Model, Television, Islamic Organizations, Islamic Defenders Front


This study aims to find a model for framing the media for television news stations tvOne in reporting news about the Islamic mass organization Front of the Islamic Brotherhood, which was previously called the Islamic Defenders Front specifically for FPI 2016-2017. Additionally, framing patterns and a framing model for tvOne television media's use in generating news regarding FPI throughout the 2016–2017 period will be found through content analysis. This study's research methodology focuses on gathering, evaluating, and synthesizing media information (framing studies) while combining quantitative and qualitative data across multiple investigations. The primary tool in this study is the researcher, who gathers information from participatory observations, in-depth interviews, the website, and pertinent documentation studies about the subject of the study. The results of this study found that the tvOne news television station model constructs and frames the news of the Islamic mass organization FPI based on the spirit of running the real journalism ideology.




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