The Quranic Verse – Ending Words


  • Zeineb Fadhil A. Mohammed Department of Arabic Language – College of Education for Girls – University of Basra
  • Amal Mohammed Abdulkareem Department of Arabic Language – College of Education for Girls – University of Basra


A verse – ending word, meaning, phonological significance


This research paper is an attempt to thoroughly study the relationship between sound and meaning through the analysis of some of the sounds of the Qur’anic texts. It is preferred to carry out the study using the Qur’anic text due to the fact that it presents to us the most beautiful picture of the relationship between sound and meaning. The current study has made it clear the greatness and accuracy of the Qur’an in employing sound to express the intended meaning. Therefore, the sounds are indicative and suggestive of their meanings, depicting the scene or situation. It is significant to pinpoint that if dialogue is added to sound and meaning, then all the elements of imagination are equal to it, which is considered an aspect of Quranic miracle. The words of the Qur’anic verses are made up of letters and sounds that are comfortable for the ear to compose. They flow sweetly with pronunciation, attracting souls and captivating hearts. It is not possible to replace a letter in place of another letter or word in the place of another in the Qur’anic text because that distorts the meaning and causes a defect in the text. It is believable that there is an intention in choosing this letter or this word. Definitely, it was not arbitrary. This study also discloses the Qur’anic verse – ending words, which is one of the aspects of the Qur’anic miracle. It is a pillar in directing the meaning, in addition to its role in the vocal rhythm. It has a relationship to the subject of the surah and verse, and it takes into account the meaning and context. The Holy Qur’an was and still is a source and target for phonetic studies in the Arabic language.




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