The Role of Ethics Rules in Criminalizing Homosexuality


  • Hayder Ars Afan College of Law,University of Misan
  • Kadhim Jaafar Shareef College of Law,University of Misan


morality, homosexuality, utilitarian thought


The philosophy of criminalising adultery in Islamic law is to preserve offspring from the mixing of lineages and chastity and fortify the vulva and marital trust, and purity for women and men criminalized all sexual practices outside marriage. It was noted that most of the penal legislation, including the Iraqi legislator, has been limited to criminalising the assault that occurs on display and public morals in a narrow range and the recognition of sexual freedom for individuals on a scale Wide. Hence the problem of the study, as that Arab countries have an Islamic heritage that strongly condemns every sexual practice that is contrary to Sharia and religion, as well as virility, morals and authentic Arab values, which support the Islamic heritage in condemning and abhorring this matter.

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