Designing an Intelligent Mobile Application for Catering to the Social Needs of Older Adult Individuals


  • Shao Zhaopo Department of Visual Arts and Design, Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, Burapha University, Chonburi Thailand
  • Bunchoo Bunlikhitsiri Department of Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Fine and Applied Art,Burapha University,Chonburi Thailand
  • Peera Wongupparaj Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Burapha University,Chonburi Thailand


Elderly Individuals; Social Needs, App Design; Intergenerational, Interpersonal Relationship, Participation in Social Activities.


Confronted with the increasingly pressing issue of population aging, the construction of an elderly-friendly society has become an urgent priority. With the rapid development of information media and urbanization, social isolation among “empty nest” elderly individuals has become a prominent feature of aging in China. This study conducted field surveys and systematic analyses to understand the social needs of elderly individuals within the digital information context, focusing on intergenerational communication, interpersonal relationships, and social participation. Based on these findings, the researchers proposed a shift in the design thinking of smartphone APPs from a “tool-oriented” approach to a “humanistic context” approach, reexamining the inherent logical relationship between design, target audience, and society. From the perspectives of typography, color, and functionality, the design of the intelligent smartphone app was explored, offering a positive response and exploration in the pursuit of constructing an elderly-friendly society.




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Shao Zhaopo, Bunchoo Bunlikhitsiri, & Peera Wongupparaj. (2024). Designing an Intelligent Mobile Application for Catering to the Social Needs of Older Adult Individuals. Kurdish Studies, 12(1), 4002–4011. Retrieved from