Examining the Evolution of Government Initiatives and Policies Promoting Human Rights in Jordan: A Model Analysis of King Hussein Bin Talal's Reign (1953-1999 AD)


  • Dr. Yousef Fayez Al-Dalabih Zarqa University


Jordan, human rights, government initiatives, King Hussein bin Talal, 1953-1999 AD, model analysis.


This research delves into the historical trajectory of government initiatives and policies aimed at promoting human rights in Jordan, focusing specifically on the reign of King Hussein bin Talal from 1953 to 1999 AD. Employing a model analysis approach, the study aims to elucidate the key factors, mechanisms, and challenges that shaped the evolution of human rights promotion during this pivotal period. The research begins by providing a comprehensive overview of the socio-political landscape in Jordan during King Hussein's reign, emphasizing the geopolitical context that influenced the formulation and implementation of human rights policies. Drawing on primary sources, official documents, and scholarly works, the study traces the chronological development of government initiatives directed at safeguarding and advancing human rights within the country. Furthermore, the research explores the role of King Hussein bin Talal as a model for promoting human rights, examining his personal commitment to fostering a culture of rights-based governance. By analyzing specific policies and reforms enacted during his tenure, the study assesses the impact of these measures on the overall human rights landscape in Jordan. Key themes addressed in the research include the incorporation of international human rights standards into domestic legislation, efforts to enhance civic participation and political freedoms, and the management of social and cultural challenges. The analysis also considers the influence of regional and global dynamics on Jordan's human rights agenda during this period. In conclusion, this research contributes to the understanding of the historical context and dynamics that shaped government initiatives and policies promoting human rights in Jordan. By focusing on King Hussein bin Talal's reign as a model, the study provides insights into the successes and limitations of such initiatives, offering valuable lessons for contemporary human rights discourse and policy formulation in the region.




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