The Artistic Rhetorical Image in the Novel (Hada'iq Alra'ees)) President's Gardens (by The Novelist (Mohsen Al-Ramli)


  • Dr. Khawlah Mahmoud Rafifan Al-Asaad Jordan- Jadara


Rhetorical image, narrative, functional connotation, aesthetic connotation, Mohsen Al-Ramli, Hada’iq Alra’ees.


The study aims to analyze the artistic image included in the novel (Hada'iq alra'ees) by the Iraqi novelist: Mohsen al-Ramli, relying on tracing the rhetorical image by monitoring and analyzing the templates and specific patterns of similes, metaphors and metonymies, to determine the product of the aesthetic expressive connotations, to discover the intellectual and psychological functional connotations, and to reveal the aesthetic  of the image artistry and its relationship to narrative structure, to convince the recipient that creativity in narrative discourse moves or transfers it to touch the image and share it with his senses, to interact with the events as part of it, a feeling of intense longing and yearning  for salvation as the hero.




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Dr. Khawlah Mahmoud Rafifan Al-Asaad. (2024). The Artistic Rhetorical Image in the Novel (Hada’iq Alra’ees)) President’s Gardens (by The Novelist (Mohsen Al-Ramli). Kurdish Studies, 12(1), 2512–2530. Retrieved from