The Intellectual Delegations of Muslims to Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq (PBUH)


  • Farah Fadel Sharhan University of Basrah/ College of Education for Girls
  • Dr. Rabab Jabbar University of Basrah/ College of Education for Girls History Department Al-Suwdanuniversity of Basrah


history, delegations, Imam Alsadiq, muslims, intellectualism


Investigating the era and history of Imam Jafaar Alsadiq is considered as a significant research area to shed light on his contribution in establishing the first Islamic university i.e. the University of Imam Alsadiq that included many students. Moreover the Abbasid Caliphate witnessed a wide intellectual growth due to various reasons. They include the Abbasids' new policy that aims at setting the foundations of intellectual freedom, the geographical extent that the territory saw, which has multiple intellectual and political environments, the conversion of various groups of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to Islam, the act of translation that leads to an intellectual open-mindedness towards the philosophy and languages of other nations and the Islamic intellectual movement that contributes in emerging Islamic doctrines and sects. All of these lead to intellectual theses that could impact the intellectual structure of Islam. As a result, a scientific religious intellectual reference became a must that is able to cope with all these intellectual parameters in order to maintain the Islamic identity. Thus, Imams of Ahl-albait were the most representative of this intellectual reference in which many Muslims stream to it.Objectives: The study aims to indicate the historical importance that the era of Imam Jaafar Alsadiq is characterised with, especially he is the first who established a university that is not concerned only with the study of history, jurisprudence but also chemistry, physics, philosophy، logic, theology and interpretation.Methodology: The study follows a historical approach to trace the delegations of Imam Alsadiq by providing an overview of the historical narrations that clarifies his significant historical role in establishing the first university in Islam.Results:

  • The intellectual impact do not include historical aspects but also general juristic ones and other various sciences.
  • Many students were graduated by Imam Al –Sadiq, who later become significant scientists and scholars such as Abu Hunifa.




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