Towards Understanding Work Engagement: Proposing a Unique Framework for Future Scholars


  • Mohamed Alkashami
  • Hyder Ali
  • Siddiq Balal Ibrahim
  • Omer Hag Hamid



Work Engagement, HRM, Job resources, Psychological capital, Conceptual framework


This paper presents a comprehensive framework for understanding work engagement, a critical concept in organizational psychology that embodies the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment employees bring to their roles. Work engagement, characterized by vigor, dedication, and absorption, goes beyond mere job satisfaction and motivation, fostering a profound emotional and cognitive connection to one's work and organizational values. Research indicates that high levels of work engagement lead to significant benefits for both employees and organizations, including increased job satisfaction, psychological well-being, and reduced burnout, enhanced job performance (Nayyab et al., 2011), lower absenteeism, and reduced turnover intentions. The paper explores the pivotal role of job resources, such as social support, professional development opportunities, autonomy, feedback, and recognition, in fostering work engagement. It also highlights the significant impact of a supportive organizational climate and effective human resource management (HRM) practices on sustaining employee engagement. Furthermore, it addresses the disparities in global work engagement statistics and the critical need for organizations worldwide to enhance engagement levels to improve productivity, innovation, and overall organizational performance. The proposed framework encourages organizational scholars to delve deeper into the role of job resources, HRM, and psychological capital in nurturing work engagement. By understanding these dynamics, organizations can create a resilient and productive workforce, ultimately driving business success and employee well-being. This study serves as a valuable resource for developing strategies to build and maintain high levels of work engagement within organizational settings.

Author Biographies

Mohamed Alkashami

Arab Open University, Bahrain

Hyder Ali

University of Manchester, United Kingdom 

Siddiq Balal Ibrahim

Arab Open University, Bahrain

Omer Hag Hamid

Arab Open University, Bahrain




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Mohamed Alkashami, Hyder Ali, Siddiq Balal Ibrahim, & Omer Hag Hamid. (2024). Towards Understanding Work Engagement: Proposing a Unique Framework for Future Scholars. Kurdish Studies, 12(1), 1967–1981.