Political Developments in Thailand (1936-1938)


  • Professor Dr. Maher Jaseb Hatem Al-Fahad Email: maherhatem1982@alkadhum-col.edu.iq
  • Researcher: Athraa Saad Hussein Imam Al –Kadhim College of Islamic Sciences University, *Corresponding Author: Athraa Saad Hussein, Email: adhraa_himay@alkadhum col.edu.iq Affiliation: Department of History / Imam Al –Kadhim College of Islamic Sciences University / Departments Maysan, Iraq


political parties, the People's Party, government reforms, royal authority, Phibun Songkhram


This research examines the political developments in Thailand from 1936 to 1938. During that period, there were no political parties in Thailand as the constitutional government did not allow the establishment of political parties. The government, through the People's Party, maintained control over political power after overthrowing the absolute monarchy through a constitutional revolution in 1932. The government never recognized the element of democracy represented by the establishment of political parties participating in parliamentary elections, similar to the European model. Despite claiming to strive for the establishment of a democratic system in Thailand, a multi-party system, there were attempts and demands from some politicians and intellectuals to allow the organization of political parties in the country. However, the government consistently rejected this matter, citing flimsy reasons such as the Thai people's lack of knowledge or comprehension of the concept of democracy, or that the time had not yet come to implement or establish such an idea in reality. Consequently, the government opposed and feared the realization of the idea of forming political parties, as it posed a threat to its political power, especially given the significant political events that took place in the early years of the constitutional monarchy, which reshaped the concept of political democracy and popular participation in Thailand's modern political history




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