Saudi Arabia's Adoption of Ehealth and Mhealth from the Perspective of Healthcare Professionals


  • Waleed Alshahrani Phd Radiological sciences department, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Taif University Post code 21944, Saudi Arabia


eHealth, mHealth, practitioners' perspective, efficiency, applicability


Background: The landscape of healthcare needs globally. In this case, maintaining care aspects such as follow-ups would be difficult. This limitation would have a significant impact on the care process, as some patients may be unable to effectively consult with the practitioner. The purpose of this study is to examine healthcare practitioners' perceptions on Mobile health (mHealth) and electronic health (eHealth) and their utilization in Saudi Arabia. Methods: This research follows a systematic review of articles (n=59) examining the perception of medical practitioners on mHealth and eHealth applications to deliver care and others examining their use in Saudi Arabia. Articles were searched in credible medical databases such as PubMed, Embase, and Google Scholar. These databases were selected randomly due to their relevance in having studies related to the issues being examined in this research. Boolean operators were also used with keywords such as mHealth, eHealth, and practitioner perception. Results: eHealth and mHealth applications have significantly improved care delivery, with the majority of study participants expressing a high level of satisfaction with their use. Healthcare practitioners’ perceptions of mHealth and eHealth had significant similarities regarding the efficiency and applicability of the tools to deliver care. Conclusion: According to the findings of this study, mHealth and eHealth applications are generally accepted by healthcare practitioners if certain challenges are effectively addressed. Healthcare practitioners' perceptions viewed these technologies as useful in managing various care needs, which were critical in improving care quality without the need for human contact.




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