Ixora's Cultural Aspects and Pattern Creation for Use in Benjarong Manufacture


  • Rosjana Chandhasa Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Visual Art and Design, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand
  • Panu Pattanapanithipong Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Department of Creative Products Design, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand


Cultural Dimensions, Ixora, Pattern Design, Benjarong


Thailand's national flower is called ixora, and it has Indian roots. The Thai people have employed this type of flower in their daily lives since it was planted along the house's fence. To apply Ixora to the creation of the Benjarong pattern, this research seeks to explore cultural characteristics in relation to meaning, beliefs, rituals, knowledge, and traditions. In the area of descriptive analysis, this research employs qualitative methodology. Three flower specialists are the ones that supply the knowledge on the subject matter of the data research about Ixora in Thailand. The researcher gives them an interview form and asks them to observe in order to gather data for the analysis of the research's findings, which is then used to create a pattern for Benjarong manufacture.The study's findings indicate that Ixora has four different cultural dimensions. Perspicacity is the meaning of the name Ixora. In terms of views, it refers to wisdom across the board, not just in one area. Because of its pointed shape, sharpness, intellect, and stunning hues like red, white, and yellow, Ixora's qualities are used to compare intelligence. Its stamens also offer sweetness concealed inside, proving that Ixora possesses values in addition to wisdom and sweetness hidden inside. Ixora is utilized in ceremonial rites that are meant to be auspicious and to show instructor’s respect. In fake art, such as pendant necklaces and Chinese tassel uba, Ixora is used to represent wisdom. In terms of customs, Ixora is utilized at the Wai Khru ritual. Using the idea of C - CAT: FMB, which stands for bringing cultural identity to merge with pattern design process, bloom Ixora is utilized as an inspiration in the creation of patterns. Benjarong is then developed for tableware items and home decorations.




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