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Dr Welat Zeydanlıoğlu is the founder and coordinator of the Kurdish Studies Network, a global research network for scholars working in Kurdish Studies. Some of his forthcoming and recent publications are: The Kurdish Question in Turkey: New Perspectives on Violence, Representation and Reconciliation (Routledge, 2013, co-edited with Cengiz Gunes) and “Turkey’s Kurdish language policy”. Special issue: The Kurdish Linguistic Landscape: Vitality, Linguicide and Resistance. The International Journal of the Sociology of Language (2012). He has also published several articles on the Kurdish issue as well as on the politics of nation-building and modern Turkish and Kurdish history.

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Prof Ibrahim Sirkeci is a Professor of Transnational Studies and Marketing as well as directing the Regent’s Centre for Transnational Business and Management at Regent’s University London, UK. He has widely published on migration, ethnicity, conflict, labour markets, and remittances. He is the author of Exploring the Kurdish Population in the Turkish Context (Genus, 2000) and The Environment of Insecurity in Turkey and the Emigration of Turkish Kurds to Germany (Edwin Mellen Press, 2006). He has conducted research on minorities and migration in Turkey, Iraq, Germany, and the UK. His most recent books are Migration and Remittances during the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond (The World Bank, 2012, with J. Cohen and D. Ratha) and Cultures of Migration, the Global Nature of Contemporary Mobility (University of Texas Press, 2012, with J. Cohen). Prof Sirkeci is also the Editor of Migration Letters, Remittances Review, Transnational Marketing Journal among others.

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