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The Psychosocial Impact of Military Deployment on Families: A Clinical Overview

Dr. Mehwish Mursaleen
Dr. Sadaf Hafeez
Sumara Khanzada
Keywords: Military deployment, Clinical Psychology, psychosocial Issues, Clinical Aspects.


The research focus of this study is to explore the effects of military deployment on the families of the military services. The research will explore manifestations of the impact of current and past deployment in the social-emotional and behavioral functioning of maintaining family members including spouses and children, as well as extended family members in military families. Thus, the proposed multiple-methods approach to the research will allow offering a broad view of clinical realities that will help in designing appropriate interventions and support systems to prevent the adverse effects of the studied factors on family well-being and increase family resources. This study will benefit the military family research domain by offering a clinical understanding of the army deployment and its consequent effects. These are important to mental health professions, policymakers, and organizations that support the military families in order to improve their quality of life.


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